Mobile people in a professional environment are more likely to be offered a greater professional responsibility or even a hierarchical promotion. It is therefore important to be able to adopt this philosophy even before entering the job market. Thus, with all its schools, the IAE FRANCE network paves the way for national mobility for its students.
IAExchange programme 

Like international exchange programmes, the IAExchange programme offers students from the IAE FRANCE the opportunity to make an exchange with a student from another IAE during the semester to discover a new environment, to enhance and develop their experience but also their capacity for adaptation.

1.Target: Student in 1st year of Master's Degree IAE full-time education.
2. Principles:
Student exchange between two IAEs during the 2nd Semester of the 1st year of master’s degree.
3. Conditions:
To be a student in 1st year of Master's Degree at the IAE FRANCE
To meet the assessment criteria of one's IAE of origin

4. Ways and means:
Please contact the student affairs office of your training course for further information about existing partnerships in your IAE.
5. Degree
The students will get the degree from their IAE of origin and will receive the transcript of mark of his exchange IAE.

IAE Bridge Programme

The IAEBRIDGE programme aims to facilitate access to the 2nd year of Master's Degree for students willing to change IAE at the end of their studies.

There is a double objective:

To provide students with the opportunity of a link between IAE schools within the IAE FRANCE Network
To hold gifted students who are likely to leave their initial training course as there are not enough specialisations in keeping with their career objectives back within the IAE France network

Step 1: In January/February of the current academic year, the Student registered in 1st year of Master's Degree (full-time education or block release training) contacts their IAE and give details about their career objectives and their choice of applying for another IAE for very specific reasons (no speciality in keeping with their career objectives in their IAE of origin, no opportunities of Block Release Training in their field, move...)
Step 2: Their IAE of origin approves their project.
Step 3:The student goes on the website of IAE France register to the programme by filling in the online form.
Step 4: If the Student-candidate submits an average of more than 12/20, and subject to additional application conditions specific to the ambitioned IAE, the Student-candidate will automatically go for an interview. Each IAE will have the opportunity to set up an "IAE application commission" during the recruitment sessions in order to receive in the same period of time, all the applications coming from the IAE's from the IAE France Network.